Feb. 2nd, 2011

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Okay. So, back in January I made two resolutions for the new year. The first was that I read 50 books this year, and I'm still dismally on the fifth one. This week I've just been pants at opening the book and getting down to business. I'm not too concerned though because I'm right on schedule. This week, I SHOULD be on book five. (And since I have a penchant for absorbing books at times, then I think it'll out balance out nicely.)

Besides, I have 11 more months for that.

Whereas my other goal... I only have three. @-@

My other goal was to write at least one full Harry Potter fanfic. (And I'm thinking in the 100k range.)

Well, it turns out that I'll be able to use the fic that I'd originally intended to write for the resolution as a fest submission. Go team awesome.

So, for my beltane fic, I'll be submitting a fairly large piece.

As such, I think that it's incredibly important that I bite the bullet and draw up an outline for this Fic. Problem is, I've never done an outline before and therefore have no beginning clue as to where to start, what to put in it... or anything.

SO! Goal for the day, figure out what, exactly, an outline entails and then make one. (Also, as it's vital to the outlining portion, figuring out an ending for my story and all the meaty bits in between.)

@-@ Ahhh.... help?
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Posting way too much in the last few hours, but I wanted to share some quotes on writing that I found inspirational.

The ones in bold are the ones that I found exceptionally moving. <3

Gathered from the same source. Link originally found on [livejournal.com profile] hd2o 

Favorite Writing Quotes )
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Drink, write, LOL. First contest coming this Saturday. Click the image for info and rules.

Can I get a facepalm moment?  (I'm sure I'll give and get several by the time this is over. Hahaha)


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