Feb. 21st, 2011

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So. For the last three nights in a row I've had what someone might call nightmares.

Dreams which entail supernatural things with malicious intent of killing and/or eating my face.

For some reason, I would not call these nightmares because I did not wake up with a feeling of fear, but rather an intense feeling of "Wtf was that about" and more recently "still on with this?"

So the first night is vague and I can't remember much of it, I just remember that it was like these... half-zombie things. They weren't all zombie'd out, but they were like a variation of them.

The second night I was on a train. I don't know why, but I was. And there was this malicious wraith/ghost type thing that was killing everyone and by the end of it, I think I was the only one left alive. So I'm trying to get away from this thing and finally I just jump off. And then I'm at this fair type thing that's apparently in San Francisco (but looks nothing like it) and wondering how the hell I'm going to find enough change to make a call.

Apparently, jumping off the haunted train was all it took to get away from the... well... haunted train. Too bad no one else thought of that before they were kill-ified.

And last night, last night was full zombie mode. HI-HO FLESH EATER! BUFFEEEETTTT!!!!

So. I can't really figure out the premise of it last night, but pretty much my dream was leading up to this epic zombie take-over and right in the middle said, "This is taking too effin' long" and suddenly BAM, I'm right in the thick of things. And despite the fact that I have the distinct feeling that I'm making the same mistake someone else did. I go into this elevator (and how it got there I've no clue as I was no where near a large enough building but rather out in the country somewhere before) and I try to like... jimmy rig this high tech ceiling that will get me inside some badass ductwork.

I woke up before I could learn that zombie can climb and thus had my face eaten.

Yay for three hour naps.

o.O Hopefully tonight I'll break my streak because while I don't find them "scary," they are a touch ridiculous. If I'm going to dream of crazy things, like train bound ghosts with an appetite for revenge, then I'd rather it be crazy like "Omg look at that giant cone of mint chocolate ice cream.... let's swim in it" crazy.


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