Feb. 22nd, 2011

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 When I got home, I decided to take a nap. 

This... ahem... nap... turned into a six hour long dream of me being part of this group that tries to change things for the better in non-violent ways. But, apparently, I'm just too damn Slytherin to change thing peaceably and I get a little forceful with something... or rather, someone when I'm trying to help the situation.

Well, I get in trouble for this and need a time out, or rehabilitation, or... to be shunned and never heard from again or something because I am then put underground as punishment. Think like an underground network but boiler room style. Almost everything in metalwork. 

So anyway, I'm chained, literally, to a post thing beside this girl and left there. There, my dream decides that this is likely a dead-end venue and changes it so that I can freely roam around. But I'm still trapped... underground... with other people that showed too much... "aggression."

Later, around 3 am, I tried to take another nap before work and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Hard in the sense that it just wasn't happening. I laid here until about 4:30 or five before I finally fell asleep and during that time I found it.... not at all boring.

Anyway, the dream I had then was strange. Straaaange.

It started at this like... restaurant, but I was outside, sitting in a parking lot, and the parking lot was on a sloping, sloping down toward the restaurant. Well, the car kept fucking up and the parking wouldn't stick, so I was having mini panic attacks every time the car kept going.

Well, there was a car beside me that had this dude that kept flashing his card like he was going to give it to me, but never did.

And... then.... the world fell away.


The ground beneath me gave way. For whatever reason, there was this long string of assorted objects all strung together and I had to climb up this thing so that I wouldn't fall into oblivion.

I actually got an aerial view of this too. We zoom out the world is whole and round and then it's like it just disintegrates all around the edges and in some places further in til the Earth just looks like an ugly rip in space than a planet. And then.... it... squished itself... into... a cube. 

I. Don't. Know.

So once it's cube world, we zoom back in and it's like a whole new world where everything is done differently. They are stripping things down and I'm sure that if I make a wrong move they'll chain me up underground or put me on a train with an evil ghost, or maybe even take me to their zombie pit and toss me in. 


But then again, maybe they'll just boot me off the planet. Who knows.

Sooo anyway. Apparently someone died. I don't know who but once again I found myself in the role of "resister" and we're on this bus going across town to bury this body. I guess we have it with us because... how else would we bury it, but I never saw it. So in true dream fashion maybe it's magically done.

We're on this bus type thing and I'm sitting in the floor and laid out on the seat are these figurines of monuments that we plan to decorate the grave with in awesome resister fashion. And the girl with me is talking about how we had to pay "25 cupcakes to get this ride."

And then I woke up.

And I wonder who is going to eat those cupcakes, what's the shelf-life of them, and why so damn many? 

Clearly, cubeworld has a few bugs before it launches.

o.O So yeah. Those are my dreams.

I'm sure many of you don't care, but it's actually kind of fun for me.

Maybe I should make a filter. 


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