Mar. 8th, 2011

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Firstly, my bebe, Kira, is going to has her kittens today. 97% sure. She had wheedled her way into a hidey spot and freaks out when we try to keep her in the bathroom where she previously enjoyed being in there. (Male cat wouldn't leave her alone, so we'd put her in there to give her some peace and to get her acquainted to the space where she'll be keeping her kittens.)

She never cries. Ever. Never meows. Nothing. She just purrs. But today she broke my heart for her crying. I didn't want to leave her. Stupid work.

We'll see. I hope she has them before lunch but then I hope she doesn't. I want to see them and make sure she's done because I don't want to have to leave her again in the middle of having them, but at the same time I don't want her to be alone when she has them. It's her first litter, so yeah.

I just really hope that they're not all black. (The almost racist things you say.) Kira is a pretty Siamese (not full blooded) and the male cat that impregnated her is solid black. I want pretty Siamese babies with blue eyes!

Cut for the insanity of my dreams )


Mar. 8th, 2011 07:54 pm
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 I have four babeh kittens now.

And only one of them is completely black! :D So that's okay. 

One is black with white paws, white tummy, and a white chin.

Another is a dark patchy gray color. 

And the last is a light grey with white on it's paws and markings on it's face.

No pictures, I'll try to get some tomorrow when they are all pretty and fuzzy.... and I find my camera. :D


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