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So, I work with my mother and she gets a call this morning from the boss who is out of town. When his family goes out of town they turn my mother into a pet sitter. Well, last night he got a call from the neighbor and apparently his daughter's hamster wasn't in the cage. Lets keep in mind that they also have a cat and two dogs. Yeah.

He called last night at 10:15, but my mom was asleep. So he calls again this morning and pretty much accused my mother with questions that it was her fault. Several times he asked her if she touched the cage, even after she said no. Sooo, this morning we got here, not sure what we'd find.

NOTE: The "office" is actually just a basement, so we work out of his home.

As it turns out, we didn't even have to walk inside the door before we found it. Dead. At the top of the stairs. Yeah. Great.

It actually doesn't appear as if the other animals got a hold of it, there was no blood and it wasn't mangled, thank god.

From what I can guess, it got on top of it's igloo, which is close to it's wheel (a wheel which is stationary for some reason), and then onto it's water bottle where it climbed out. The top is just a netted top that doesn't have any way to clamp it down. It just sits there on top.

My guess is that it went into shock after it broke its leg, which seems to be the only thing ailing it. For some reason the tank was on the kitchen table, so it had to jump to the floor, none of the chairs were out, and then it was halfway down the stairs which it would have had to jump from onto the next one.

So yeah. Now my mother has to go out of town, two or three towns over, to go to the same pet store they did and buy a new hamster. No reimbursement for gas and probably no reimbursement for the hamster. Nice.

Note: You can reach me on InsaneJournal and DreamWidth under the same name. I don't really use either of them (or even know how to use them yet), but with the DDoS attacks, it might save my sanity to indulge them.
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