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 Hey guys, just wanted to give you a last minute reminder that auctions for [ profile] help_japan  are coming to a close in the next day or so. (The times seem to be bouncing around and give me a headache, so... I don't know. @-@ Soon though! Soon!)

If you want to place a bid on my fics then just click the link below. :)

So far I have two bids and the highest is at 10 dollars. 

For my auction, each USD = 1k. So as it stands, I owe a 10k fic to highest bidder thus far.

Click for linkage
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Banner by [ profile] kayoko .

Because everyone's doing it. 

No really, because it's freaking awesome and oh hell, I need to GSD.


Mar. 16th, 2011 08:32 pm
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Dear Merlin, help me find the time. <3

I encourage everyone to look at this and to help where you can either by submitting prompts or claiming them. <3 (Or both!)
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Okay, so some of you might know that Hex Files was having some trouble financially and that the lovely Leo decided to open up a comm to raise money for them. 

Well, part of this was opening up an auction which you can get to by clicking the banner above.

There are five auctions going on right now for fic, one of them is mine. (There are also other auctions for crafts and art going on. :D!)

I don't expect to get any more bids, but you guys should definitely go and bid on some of the other authors. <3 I know that they'll turn out AMAZING fics for you guys.

(Note: Here's why I don't think I'll get anymore bids, I have one bid now and it is AMAZING, I can't tell you the amount of flailing I did when I saw this. Someone bid TWENTY DOLLARS on a fic from me. Homuhgawd. The squealing was borderline epic and has thoroughly blown my mind. I just can't even you guys. <3 Massive love to my bidder. Also, I think it's safe to say that this is why today is awesome. :D)
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So, if you haven't seen this already then you should be well and truly shamed! I jest, but seriously, this thing is kind of epic. And by kind of I mean seriously. 

It's been up for several hours now, but still has garnered over a THOUSAND comments. Yes, A THOUSAND!

Now tell me the HD fandom isn't mighty. Tell me it isn't great. Tell me it's a losing battle and that it'll never happen.

Clearly there are several of use that think it will and we'll take you on any time, any place.  The weapon of choice is Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock. And I have to warn you, we're DAMN good. 

There are several people that have deemed me worthy of some love and let me just tell you, I about squealed myself from all the comments I've received.

To those of you faceless lovelies that have shown me some love, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I can't begin to express just how EXCITED I was. 

(Also, it's my mission to start a new trend. Squealing yourself is the new thing. I almost squealed myself. Don't make me squeal myself. Are you squealing yourself? And my favorite; I squealed my pants.)

Oh, by the way... THIS is why today is so FREAKIN' awesome.
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Drink, write, LOL. First contest coming this Saturday. Click the image for info and rules.

Can I get a facepalm moment?  (I'm sure I'll give and get several by the time this is over. Hahaha)


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