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 Hey guys, just wanted to give you a last minute reminder that auctions for [ profile] help_japan  are coming to a close in the next day or so. (The times seem to be bouncing around and give me a headache, so... I don't know. @-@ Soon though! Soon!)

If you want to place a bid on my fics then just click the link below. :)

So far I have two bids and the highest is at 10 dollars. 

For my auction, each USD = 1k. So as it stands, I owe a 10k fic to highest bidder thus far.

Click for linkage


Mar. 16th, 2011 08:32 pm
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Dear Merlin, help me find the time. <3

I encourage everyone to look at this and to help where you can either by submitting prompts or claiming them. <3 (Or both!)
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I wasn't going to do this because I have two fests and another auction fic due, but how can I NOT do anything when I know that I can?

Fuck reading fanfictions, fuck watching youtube, fuck playing games.

I'd be selfish not to do this because it might get in the way of my luxuries.

If you're interested in bidding on a fic from me, same rules apply from my last. 1k per dollar. 20 dollars gets you 20k.

The Link To My Offer

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 Alright, like Jae, Leo, and I'm sure a few other writers, I'm going to throw in with the lot and offer fics in response to vgifts that are sent my way. 

I'm not the most commonly known author, nor the most sought out, but every little bit helps from the mighty to the small. Just because I'm the little guy on the corner being towered over by large empires doesn't mean I shouldn't try any less than anyone else.

We're all just people at the core of it, and it's just people that we're trying to help. Every little contribution helps and I urge anyone that is comfortable offering their talents to one or both of the current causes to do so. 

Alone we're just one person, but together we're many and strong. 

So, I'm offering fics for the LGBT "It Gets Better" Bear and Breast Cancer Awareness vgifts.

Breast cancer is 0.99 and it will get you a 100-500 word drabble. 

LGBT Bear is 2.99 and will get you a 1k-2k+ ficlet. 

I'm offering a bit more in terms of fic length because I am the less appealing choice when it comes to fic. This is not in an act to take away from other authors doing this cause, but more to make up for my lack in being well known. Also for the fact that I can be a little wordy when I want to be.

Once you've donated, you're more than welcome to offer me a prompt. (Note that they will be Harry Potter with the pairing of Draco/Harry.) I will get the fics to you, I promise, but I may not find the time to start them until November. I've got fest fever right now and it's getting hot under the collar.

As Jae has said so very eloquently, "fandom may not be large, but we are mighty!"

It is our strength in bonding together that makes us a force to be reckoned with, and when we put that energy to positive use there isn't anything we can't do. 

If not my fics, I urge everyone who can spare the money to help one or both causes and take up the offer of one of the other amazing authors offering their talents for the causes.

Jae's Charity Post

Leo's Charity Post

If you know of other author's with posts like this it would be welcome for you to post the link in a comment.


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