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Dec. 13th, 2010 12:45 pm
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I just wanted to pop in and say thank-you to the three people who I've gotten things from so far this year. They've really cheered me up, each and every one. I'm going to show the fronts and the inside because each had something inside that made the card that much more awesome.

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Thanks [ profile] enchanted_jae  ! :D!! I just got your postcard. -Dances-

It's soooo pretty! It would have been awesome to see something like that. I'm glad you had fun though!

Funny story though, my mom got the mail. It's not everyday you hear, "Are you SnuggleMint?" XD Greeeat.

It's not the best picture because I took it with my phone and you can see the reflection of the lamp, but... you get the idea. :D It was a little battered when I got it, but that's okay. It has more character now. 

(Maybe I'll try and make some kind of one-shot with this. Hrrm.)

My own blank postcards haven't come in yet, but I will be sending you one right when I get them! Hopefully sometime this week.

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Sep. 15th, 2010 07:54 pm
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 Oh dear. I blame [ profile] enchanted_jae  for this...

I just got a bunch of postcards. (I even got my own little stamp! Cause I'm so freaking cool that way.)

I have 10 different sets of 8. (Or rather 7, since I'm keeping one of each.)

1 Atlanta, Georgia Set

1 Halloween Set

And the rest are Harry Potter. Lmao.


If you're interested in receiving or exchanging a postcard then comment below with your address and what you'd like to be referred to as. (Your name or your handle, anything is fine.) Also, if you'd like the postcard to read anything specific or special, that would be helpful as well. 

Please also note what set you'd like your postcard to come from. (Note: The Halloween set will not go out until Halloween, so you will be put on the list and receive it then.) I'm not going to say what is on the Harry Potter postcards because that would ruin the fun, but if you have any sort of inclination to a certain house... you might wanna note that as well. ^ ~

(Alas, I have no Draco/Harry, but if anyone knows where to find some... :D)

The comments are screened, so only those without personal information will be made public.


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