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 I probably shouldn't post about this because it can be viewed as rather tasteless and inappropriate... however, I'm going to anyway!

My Draco muse is pissed at me for not going to bed when we both know that I have to be somewhere in just a few short hours, so he has absolutely no problems in letting me invoke him at this hour.

Okay so.... I know that this is a common occurrence and that even the most polite of authors has probably noticed and felt some disgruntlement over it. (Perhaps I'm wrong.)

There is good fic, and there is bad fic. It's the whole balance thing. But... why is it that all the really disastrous authors seem to have the good ideas? I mean, the potential is there, but the connections are made poorly.

I'm certainly not going to name stories or authors, but I did read a story that I wasted four hours on because the premise has promise, but.... it just did NOT get better. 

It was a train wreck. Highlight the white area before for a specific rant...

The idea is that Harry goes over to the dark side, tantalizing. Very tantalizing. It's not an original idea, but in this fic Harry was the son of Voldemort (also not original), and Harry has intentions of going over to the dark side and taking all those that he could with him. Start Rant: The ideas behind Harry switching were shaky at best, and the others that followed had no real reason. The persuasion in Potter-Time took two minutes for most of them and everyone just seemed to accept it as the author intended it to be. There was no struggle just a shrug and a nod.

The writing lacked serious detail and characterization. Ginny wrote like a 12 year old little girl. Excusable besides the fact that she wasn't. But then Sirius came right up behind it and he as well acted like a 12 year old girl, perhaps more so. It was severely disturbing. 

There were several things wrong with this fic, seriously wrong, but... it would probably be easier to just list the very short list of the things that were right with it. (And I'm honestly trying struggling to try and think of one.) I gave this fic a valiant effort. Truly, I did. I got half-way through with it spending the aforementioned four hours of my life hoping it'd get better. I finally gave up.

Needless to say.... it was disheartening because the idea of the whole story was alluring, and in the right hands it could have been an AMAZING fic, but it was only disparaging at best. 

It's the kind of fic that makes you want to write it and make it your own. You have no idea if you can make it successful, but you want to try. At the same time, however, it seems like you can't.


Because, and this is why the rant has spawned, when good plots go into the wrong hands it creates a black hole. Either it becomes a yellow tape "badfic" zone or a cliche and then people see it as off limits. It starts to become something that people shy away from because of it's bad image.

People stop trying, and in some cases that's a blessing, but in others it's debilitating because then those that could do something truly astounding tend to think twice about it. 

It's for this reason that I've been wanting to do stories of all manner of cliches for awhile. (And I will when I get the time!) 

Anyway, anyone else share this rawr-inducing peeve?


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