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Real Life Wankery )

Note: You can reach me on InsaneJournal and DreamWidth under the same name. I don't really use either of them (or even know how to use them yet), but with the DDoS attacks, it might save my sanity to indulge them.
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Dear Snugglemint,

I really admire the way that you procrastinate at your place of work. Your dedication to fandom is inspiring, what with your powers to ignore the call of real life duties to immerse in the deliciousness of a fanfic.

It's smart thinking the way you delete your history every day after work and keep your cool when someone walks behind your desk because you know any sudden movements will only look guilty.

However, the way your lips twist in that goofy way and sometimes break into a full powered grin is a dead give away. No one enjoys work that much. No one. Also, randomly laughing for no reason, also a no-no. Please learn to control your facial expressions and if you can't, might I suggest botox?

The Snugglemint Who Still Wants A Job
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So, remember that post yesterday? The one where I said I wasn't going to whine and drag out the subject. Well, I lied.

More things happened yesterday and I'm just going to lay the whole shebang out on the table and we'll just have ourselves a good emo-fest.

This is going to be about three sections. The first, I'm going to show you why, despite the suck, today is awesome and bestow a very important acronym upon you, if you don't already know it.

The second, I'm going to talk about my fanfic and the general need for help.

And lastly, the general wank of the void I call work.

Today is awesome because... )


( ^ Awesome divider ^ )

Please to be helping? )

Work Related Wank  )

With luck, something will bloom on the herizon, but it's all just looking bad right now. -Sighs- My wrists hurt now. Eff you long post.

But hey! At least I have some fucking awesome nails.

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I loathe my job.




With an undying passion.

If this hatred died, it would come back as a zombie and eat everyone.

Then it would starve and mutate into a planet swallowing force of suck.

And then the world would be gone.

And it would still fucking exist.

Juuuuust waiting.

On the off chance that you just might come back.

And if you did, it would eat you.



So, I know what a lot of you are thinking. "At least you have a job."

Uh-huh. Yes, I do, but that doesn't mean that I have to like it. One little bit.

Sometimes a job just isn't worth it. And oh how I could count the ways that this one isn't.

However, I'm not going to whine about all of them. Just one.

My mother needs knee surgery and she's finally getting it. I realize that it's not exactly protocol, but I live with my mother alone, so I need to be off with her. It's three days. Just three. She's having it next Wednesday and someone needs to stay with her all day because of the anesthesia. Doctor's orders. But then I took the other two days off because it's knee surgery. I can't be gone all day if she can't walk. If my mother can't get to the bathroom and feed herself on her own then I HAVE to be there to help.

Your job be damned.

There actually ARE more important things than money and my mother is one of them.

However, this displeases my boss and he has since been nit-picking, nagging, and yes, slinging things. When he was told he literally flung his hand and knocked something over because he was mad.

Issues much? (It's actually a very common occurrence, but hey, at least he didn't throw something or go out in the garage and throw several somethings this time.)

I suspect that he was also on the computer after I left work trying to see what I've been into. Yay for history deletion! For clarification, it was never said that I couldn't be on the internet, but I really don't need my boss using my slash stash against me. That would be defiling the sanctity of The Slash. Also, the last girl he fired, he went on the internet and wrote down all the sites she was on to try and use against her. So I have no doubt.

You may be thinking, "Oh silly, Snuggle. How paranoid art thou?" Very. Also for reasons related to the job that I won't get into because... well, this post need not be so long.

So yeah. That's just the latest in reasons why real life sucks and I avoid it like the plague. BACK YOU FIEND! -Fends off with a bull whip and a chair-


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