Oct. 8th, 2010 06:16 am
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 I only realized after I finished this story that I have already rec'd something by this author. Makes me think that I need to sift through their archive and read them one by one.

This story is really good. Draco is mildly quirky, but it's also incredibly true to the characters. 

It always seems that Harry and Draco have a way of sabotaging themselves and this is one of those stories. One of those teeth grinding, mind grueling, frustratingly wonderful stories. 

You find yourself going, "Really? Really?!" But... you can't be too put out by it, it's just how they are.

It's frustrating as hell because you want them to realize, to get on with it, but on the other had you love it because it brings such depth to the story.

Dukedom Large Enough by Alysian_Fields

Yummy Rec

Sep. 21st, 2010 12:29 am
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 So undeniably like Draco and Harry. The characterization was spot on, and I absolutely loved it from start to finish.

The idea is that Harry is a womanizer and he wants to get with Pansy, but the only way to do that is through Draco. 

I'm not feeling especially eloquent tonight, but the lack of singing praises does not mean this fic is lacking in the least. 

28k words.

The Next Best Thing by Emma Grant
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 This story could be defined as no less than beautiful. It's breath-taking in its own right. I adored it from beginning to end and there was no moment where I wasn't devouring the text. 

It all flowed seamlessly. I will say that I would have loved to see the ramifications of Draco's potion, but alas, that never comes to fruition. It brings a good, warming feeling in it's stead though. It gives you hope.

The characters were rather spot on, and relationship between Harry and Draco is heart warming.

This is definitely a story for everyone. 

Word count is 17k

The Affairs of Men by Sesheta_66
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 It's becoming more and more evident that I just need to make a rec journal. I like the idea of having the stories that I've read and liked on hand, and having my own personal thoughts attached to them instead of just having a gazillion bookmarks that I'll have no way of sifting through.

Unfortunately, I'm also terribly lazy and I would have to go back and forth with copying and pasting all my recs here as well as buffing the recs with actual facts, like summaries and such which could take quite a long time. Agh. 


Alright then. This rec is one of those personal ads, they have a genre name, but I'm blanking. E-something-tory or... something. Hahaha.

Anyway! Harry sees an ad in the paper and of course it was written by our favorite snarky Slytherin.

There are a few correspondences through owl that are just... utterly delightful. The first chapter is so deliciously Draco that it's hard to get over. 

The writing is great, and there is the added bonus of a 3k word sequel and three smaller less than 1k fics.

I've never read anything by this author before, but I'm starting to understand that I've been seriously, seriously depraved in not having read anything by her sooner.

Also, Draco's owl, affectionately named Grumpy by Harry, is brilliant and damn near makes the whole story. I love him to pieces.

Desperately Seeking Someone by Alaana_Fair


Sep. 18th, 2010 12:04 am
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This story is good. It's... well... some parts are a little odd. I'll just tell you now, don't come into this story expecting some well to do battle about besting Voldemort, because you'll be severely disappointed. There is an encounter with him, but it's nothing spectacular.

The beginning is slightly awkward, but I can't really put my finger on just why that is.

Draco is completely in canon right down to the last of it, so that's refreshing (and kind of annoying.) You know how those boys are so pig-headed and clueless.... Le sigh. 

This is another one of those powerhouse fics, but it's low grade. It's not some spectacular power, in fact I'll just go ahead and tell you that the majority of it is just the ability to do wandless. Still though, the combination that Draco and Harry possess is slightly staggering and thrilling.

Draco Malfoy and the Heart of Slytherin by Saber Shadowkitten 

Leo Rec

Sep. 17th, 2010 08:19 am
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 I should just put a Leo tag, I swear.

This story is about the idea that Harry falls through the veil, and instead of dying, he is transported eleven years into the future where he is deposited in Draco's office.

The story is genius, really. I had so much fun reading it. 

Leo is the Queen of awkward moments though. Those moments where your eyes fly open and then you suddenly find your head in your hands. I actually turned my whole body to the side at one point. You know the moments... where you have to try and build up the courage to continue because one some baser level you're embarrassed for them.

Those moments are so great. I had two of them, and it's rare that I ever see one.

24k words of yumminess.

Beyond the Veil by Leo_Draconis

Mild Rec

Sep. 17th, 2010 05:01 am
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This rec is alright, it's good, but I'm not going to be singing very many praises about it.

There is nothing wrong with the writing or the story, but for some reason I kept slipping away as if there was something a little less than engaging about it.

However, I read it straight through, all 69k words, so.... don't take my words too far too heart.

It's worth reading, just maybe not with the dedication of absorbing it in one sitting.

If you do read it, you should wipe everything about Harry and Draco that you previously knew from your mind. I was mildly confused until I realized that this isn't the Harry and Draco of Hogwarts. 

The story follows the idea that there was a second prophecy, and in the second one features Draco. Draco plays a big part in the end battle. And it also pits them together in a powerhouse light. They're stronger together type thing.

Draco never went to Hogwarts, so all that animosity never happened. However, they did still meet in Madam Malkin's, so that set a basis of mild familiarity.

Eislean Cuir Stad Air by Aquila_Star


Sep. 16th, 2010 11:19 am
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This rec brought to you with severe lack of sleep!

It's an mpreg story, so if that is your squick, then you would not enjoy this at all.

There is a small character death as well.

It's worth giving a go, there isn't really much to say on personal thoughts. In this particular story it's Draco that keeps going around in circles and never quite touching base until the end.

16,300 words

Make Love by Plotting_Pen
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Oh my god. I have an awesome rec for you guys.

I laughed so much while reading this it's borderline insane. Some parts had me cackling as if I were insane. No wait, scratch that. As if I were eccentric. ^ ~

God, how do I even start to describe this? Harry and Draco work for Kingsley who is a hurricane of humorous promise. He's so great. They're partnered together on an assignment to Venice where they're expected to solve the case of two bank robbers.

Of course the case has several unexpected twists and the two draw closer.

Draco's mannerisms are so incredibly endearing that I can't even get over it. His lapses in mentally are just.... adorable, really. And they offer a good many of the jokes.

From beginning to end (and oh man does the end leave you chuckling) it was great and definitely a fic that will leave you remembering a fondness.

It's nearly 26k words.

The Venice Job by Nishizono Shinji
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 Another Leo rec. I should probably not rec all the one shots that I read of Leo's (Or Jae's for that matter) because I'm likely to rec every single one of them.

._. I'm hopelessly addicted.

This one is cute, it's a request of fluffy and smutty. It takes place in the eighth year and pretty much everyone is pretty well paired up. 

Pansy/Ron (Which I'm surprised that I approve of), Blaise/Seamus (which is ALWAYS a good thing. Yum.) And... some hints of Hermione and Theodore Nott. I care for neither character so, god speed to them both! Lol. (They weren't exactly shown in the best of light so I can only imagine that Leo sympathizes with me.)

(Funny story completely unrelated. I originally spelled Nott's name with a K. I thought this was wrong, but I knew there were two T's so I left it. Reading a story I came across the original spelling, promptly laughed and then intoned to the empty room, "That's why it looked stupid. Because it was!" ._. Hello 5:40 am, have you seen my intelligence, per chance?)

Turns out that Harry's biggest kink is dirty talk, and with the proper goading, Draco is only too eager to comply. 

5,573 words.

The Joys of Aural Sex by Leo_Draconis

Tiny Rec

Sep. 15th, 2010 03:16 pm
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 738 words, so it's a very short rec, but it's funny and worth the read.

It's by the lovely Jae whom of which I hold in the same high regard as Leo. 

(Hrm. I need a three letter nickname or I won't be a successful slash fic writer! What about Snu? Min? Ugl? Nug? Lem? Int? Oh the lamentation!)

Haha. Anyway, it's based on the idea that Gred and Forge are trying to wheedle Harry into testing one of their more... ahem, adventurous products. 

Faith and Vigora by Enchanted_Jae
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This fic is interesting because it's one that delves deeply into Wizarding Traditions. I'm always blown away by really in depth views on how the Wizarding world go about their politics. IE: Courtships, Marriages, the like...

There is also an interesting spell featured in this fic that the title is named for. Escribamens. It can be viewed as highly unorthodox and even more highly as god-moding. The idea is that the spell will create a scroll that maps out a person in depth.

It is still an interesting read. I must note that there is an OC, an heir of Black as Sirius's daughter from a union made in Azkaban. However, she is not a character that sticks out or has a greater purpose in the story.

There is also mpreg, so if that's a squick, I'd advise you not to read it.

The battle in the end is... well, interesting to say the very least. I hate to say this again, but it's unorthodox.

There is a sequel by this author entitled "The Orphaned Soul", but I have not read it and do not think that I intend to. It has mpreg in it as well, and from the summary, I get the idea that the child bears Voldemort's soul.

Nevertheless, the first is an interesting read. It features Harry as a powerhouse, so if that's a peeve then I wouldn't recommend it.

This isn't a story that I'll likely read again, nor is it one that I think everyone simply must read, but it has interesting notes in it that keep you to the end.

Escribamens by prettydean82
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 This rec is brought to you with tears still cooling on my face. I know that I said that I have never really outright cried for a fic before, and that's true. The most one has been able to do is squeeze a few tears. But this one had me literally crying, and more than once. 

This fic is annoying and beautiful, it's agonizing and pure, it's all these things that Draco and Harry are melded into one.

Harry is portrayed so well that you want to smack him. He does his thing where he goes around in circles and never truly gets to what he's supposed to until it's almost too late. Several times this happens and you want to yell and scream and make him see reason, and it's truly a humbling experience to see someone portray Harry so well.

The story itself is... there just aren't words, really. It's the kind of story that burns a place on your heart, forcing you to carry it with you through the rest of your days. Even when the mind forgets and forces it back, it's still there just on the edges waiting to be remembered, waiting to bring a smile to your face. 

It also instills a longing, a desire to be able to produce something so amazingly perfect. You wish for the talent and mind to produce a story that can stand in the same field as this one and be neither better nor worse, but equal. 

It's a roller coaster and it has sent me on many ups and downs that will surely be with me the rest of the day. Other fics will pile on top of this one, but just like the first fic I ever read... this one will not be forgotten.

I recommend it with a ferocity that I'm almost scared to admit in having.

Read it. You'll forget where you are.

(Now, I will admit there are a few mistakes in the writing. Words that shouldn't have been there or were used with the wrong suffix and such. And there were a few parts where I had to stop and wonder if the author had really thought about what they were writing. This, however, is minimal and easily glossed over.

The writing is not perfect, but that is what makes it that more endearing. Literal perfection falls short in the face of metaphorical perfection. In the end, all that matters is the story, and this one is heartbreakingly good.)

Finite Incantatum by Alysian_Fields
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 This rec is so utterly adorable that I can't even think about getting over it.

The writing is great, but you're more caught up in the story than actually realizing that the writing is utterly brilliant.

Draco at Mad Martin's is utterly fantastic, as if Harry. The other in the triangle is surprising.

Friday at Harry's flat had me laughing so hard that I actually went into a coughing fit. I can't remember the last time I have laughed so hard. Draco is so utterly ADORABLE. Oh my god. The whole thing is brilliant. And once you think it can't be any more endearing, it just does. And the when Harry comes in. Just... mmm. 


This is great. It's short and sweet, but it's epic in my book.

This is one of those stories I feel that I'll keep coming back to.

Thanks, [ profile] songquake  for reccing this. You are my new love. XD

Single Wizard Seeking Same by jennavere
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 Okay, so this one is about the eighth year students. To tamp down on the misconception of Muggles and their worth, and to bypass another war, they send the eighth year students to America for six months to live as Muggles do without magic. America was chosen because it would also be a cultural shock for the muggle borns as well.

The group is divided into three and are spread out all over the country. Draco and Harry, of course, are in the same group and through the experience they find much more than an appreciation for muggle living.

The writing was great, as it always is with Leo, and I loved the story line immensely. I would have loved to have seen her play this out further, and it could have easily been done, but I also appreciate the sense of wonder that you get with the ending. It leaves room to make your own guesstimates on where their chosen path will take them.

Near 19k words, so it's fairly short and so worth the read.

Unfamiliar Territory by Leo_Draconis
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 This is one of those fics that leaves you feeling with a sense of completion. It's a round trip kind of deal. Most fics leave you with a good feeling, but with questions that make you wonder what will happen next. 

This fic has a sense of finality that brings a smile to your lips. There are no questions left unanswered. You wonder what may happen down the road, but it's not really in regards to the relationship. Rather... the byproduct of the relationship. :) That makes no sense, but I can't flat out say anything because I'd rather not blatantly tell that part of the story.

This fic was very well written, and I admire the many personas that are portrayed here. The fic starts out as Harry and Draco being signed up for a Wizard Online Dating site and corresponding through it with neither the wiser to the other's identity. Their personas there give you a great look into who they are and not who the world sees them as.

Their dynamic together as themselves in equally compelling, especially so when it's made clear just how right they are for each other.

It's heart warming in every sense possible and I admit that I did get misty eyed in some places. 

It's more than just a story, it's a look into a shared life so full of compassion.

Must Love Quidditch by Dracosoftie
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This one is brought to you by one of my favorite authors because she's not only a great, talented writer, but also an amazing person.

This fic had me perfecting the art of casual and covert laughing. It was hilarious, and being at work behind the desk, I couldn't laugh as freely as my body would have liked.

It's based on a chat room experience, which those tend to be amazing for me because they're almost always funny.

Anyone who reads this, tell me who do you think of when you read FoxyFairy? I can't help but get a strong impression of Blaise.

And the one that kept talking in all caps kept making me almost get fired. Lmao.

Gotta love it, thanks Leo. <3

The Gay Wizards' Chat Room by Leo_Draconis

Another Rec

Sep. 8th, 2010 11:50 pm
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 This one is a special kind of story that's rather interesting in it's uniqueness, at least, as far as I'm concerned in my readings.

I adored it. As always, I have to say that it was well written, and that the plot was definitely something new. It has it's odd moments that take you a moment to adjust to, but you find yourself willingly giving in to what the author is trying to convey... And you find that it's beautiful in it's own right.

The end of the story is... heartwarming when you realize just how perfect everything is. 

I would have loved to have seen the story play out a tad further, but I'm happy with where things left off. 

32.5k words.

Hades Paradox by romaine24

Badass Rec

Sep. 8th, 2010 03:54 pm
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This is one is pure, utter win from the trophy case of Uber Win... or some...such rot.

No really, this fic was FANTASTIC! I should have guessed, but I didn't. It was great. The whole damn thing.

The way it was presented was great and ugh! I can't get over it enough to actually tell you about it eloquently.

The idea is that there is a deeper organization of do-gooders than the Aurors. Of course, calling them do-gooders is not exactly accurate. Darkstar is an organization dedicated to fighting against the Dark Arts by any means necessary. If you have to be a whore to infiltrate a case, then you find your fishnets and you get your ass in gear.

They are hard core to the point that they were pretty much obliviated. They know nothing of their life before, only that of Darkstar.

I would have loved to have read just a bit more into the story, but really it was perfect the way it was.

The writing was great, the plot was engaging... This is one of those stories where I felt like I was watching it more than actually reading it.

I don't know who the author is, but you'd be missing out if you didn't take the time to read...

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 I was a little iffy about this one when I looked at it, but I went ahead and read it. I was instantly sucked into it. 

It's 18k so it's only an hour or two read, but it is so worth it. If you're not into shorter fics, make the exception.

This fic literally had me in tears. They weren't big, fat tears of uber sad. My tears didn't have tears, but a few squeezed out, and that's really saying a lot.

This is one of those authors that amaze me with how they can tie in things in a story with their wit and ideas. It's perfect. 

Some fics leave you wanting for more, wondering what happens, and wishing for a sequel. But this one... I wouldn't mind reading more in the least, but it was perfect the way that it ended. 

I would definitely recommend this one whole-heartedly. 

Take the time. It has sentimental value.

Getting There by Rickey_A


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