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Hi, my name is SnuggleMint and I'm a Potter Addict.

You know you spend too much time in fandom when you read, "taking the Lord's name in vain," and you think... "Voldemort damn it? ...Do we really want tha-OH! OH!.... fuggle."
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Dear Snugglemint,

I really admire the way that you procrastinate at your place of work. Your dedication to fandom is inspiring, what with your powers to ignore the call of real life duties to immerse in the deliciousness of a fanfic.

It's smart thinking the way you delete your history every day after work and keep your cool when someone walks behind your desk because you know any sudden movements will only look guilty.

However, the way your lips twist in that goofy way and sometimes break into a full powered grin is a dead give away. No one enjoys work that much. No one. Also, randomly laughing for no reason, also a no-no. Please learn to control your facial expressions and if you can't, might I suggest botox?

The Snugglemint Who Still Wants A Job
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This has three titles. Officially it's "What's Playing on Voldie's iPod?" But readers might choose to entitle it "WTF Snugglemint?" or even the one I'm adopting for myself, "Possibly The Most Nerd Thing I've Ever Done. (And How Many Hours Of Life Did I Waste On This Again?)"

Please note before you get into this that these songs are not perfect, but rather tailor made. Some lyrics I chose are pretty in your face Voldie, while others are more metaphorical and make you think about how that relates.
(They also may contain explicit material.)

What's Playing on Voldie's iPod?
A somewhat serious approach to a parody.
Say what?

Okay, let's forget that it's Voldemort and a vile muggle contraption filled with filthy, unworthy songs.

Pretend, for a moment, that this is a parallel world where everything is crazy (and cool.) If Voldemort had an iPod, these are some of the songs that I think he'd be getting his groove thing on to.

If you've got a song you think would make Voldie get down with his bad self, then leave it in the comments. :D

I invite you all to make your own "What's Playing on ---'s iPod?" lists. It's a great life time waster.

Set up as song name first, artist second, and followed by the lyrics I think best showcase why this would make Voldie shake what his momma gave him.

The Playlist +Special Bonus Track )

(Why the hell did I do Voldie? Because I kind of already had this set up several years ago on a drunk night masquerading as Voldemort on MySpace with my sister. Ahhh... yeah. ANYWAY. I would have done a Drarry playlist, but I can seriously take almost any song and make it Drarry. So, I didn't do that for two reasons. It'd take forever to put together and because I did not want a million plot babies crying at me to feed them.)

Kind of thinking about building a community around this type of thing. Introducing wizards (purebloods mostly) to technology and making general parody about it. Thoughts?


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