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 First order of business...


Second order of business...

I'm going to try and do my own little word war game that people were at least receptive enough to do once. 

It's pretty much like your basic word war, but this is longer and there is a punishment for not finishing it. (Punishment optional.)

Length: 1 Week. 14th - 21st

Quota: You choose your own quota. Though being that this is a week long, I would prefer that these all be at least 5k, but if length isn't your style, then do what you think you can do in a week.

 Punishment: Your punishment is tailor made to you. If you don't make your quota, then you pick what motivates you most. It might be not reading fanfiction for a day, not watching tv for a day, or it could even be that you have to work out for 30 minutes for a certain period of days. Whatever you want to do.

NOTE: Punishment optional, you don't HAVE to have a punishment, I just find it to be a good motivator for me. It acts like a deadline for me when I can't seem to get my arse in gear.

Example: I want to write a minimum of 10k  and if I don't get it done then I am not allowed to read fanfiction for two days. (Trust me, this is killer when you have a desk job at work and free time on your hands.)

So, if you want to participate then please comment before with your quota, punishment, and your starting word count. Then at the end of a week come back and reply to your original post with your end word count. 

For those of you doing the WW for [ profile] hd_writers this weekend, that post count DOES count toward this one. Just in case some of you wondered.

Good luck. <3


Mar. 13th, 2011 04:03 pm
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You are now removed from the hd_seasons Community.

Until the background noise has cleared.
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Originally posted by [ profile] beren_writes at <lj comm="help_japan"> and <lj comm="help_nz">

[ profile] help_japan

(Tentative dates ... definite one in bold)
> Auctions open: 14 March
> Auctions continue until: 26 March
> Final reminders re donations and completed bids: 28 March
> Auctions close: 31 March
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Okay, so most of you are aware that I am now a full time employee and therefore have had 10 hours shaved off of my time. I also haven't written anything for about two weeks. I need constant influence.[Poll #1716138]
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I'll try and get individual pictures of them. I was lucky Kira jumped out. She got right back in after I got this picture. Dark grey one is not so patchy anymore. 


Mar. 8th, 2011 07:54 pm
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 I have four babeh kittens now.

And only one of them is completely black! :D So that's okay. 

One is black with white paws, white tummy, and a white chin.

Another is a dark patchy gray color. 

And the last is a light grey with white on it's paws and markings on it's face.

No pictures, I'll try to get some tomorrow when they are all pretty and fuzzy.... and I find my camera. :D
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Firstly, my bebe, Kira, is going to has her kittens today. 97% sure. She had wheedled her way into a hidey spot and freaks out when we try to keep her in the bathroom where she previously enjoyed being in there. (Male cat wouldn't leave her alone, so we'd put her in there to give her some peace and to get her acquainted to the space where she'll be keeping her kittens.)

She never cries. Ever. Never meows. Nothing. She just purrs. But today she broke my heart for her crying. I didn't want to leave her. Stupid work.

We'll see. I hope she has them before lunch but then I hope she doesn't. I want to see them and make sure she's done because I don't want to have to leave her again in the middle of having them, but at the same time I don't want her to be alone when she has them. It's her first litter, so yeah.

I just really hope that they're not all black. (The almost racist things you say.) Kira is a pretty Siamese (not full blooded) and the male cat that impregnated her is solid black. I want pretty Siamese babies with blue eyes!

Cut for the insanity of my dreams )
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 I used to be part of the chatzy chat room that [ profile] hd2o has going on and some of you have wondered why I haven't been in lately.

For one simple reason, I haven't felt like it.

As fun as the chat room is sometimes, I just don't have the attention span to follow conversation(s) between potentially 9 other people. It gets a little tiring for me mentally and then I wander off and end up missing things anyway.

I do a lot of reading, so when I'm reading I don't pay attention to anything else. And on the rare occasions that I write something, I'm afraid to break my focus. 

So I've just decided to let well enough alone.

I can be reached on a wealth of messengers though and I respond better in a one on one setting. So if you want that information to talk with me, just let me know.

I'm also good for one-on-one word wars, so if anyone wants to add me for that reason, feel free.

Poll Data

Mar. 3rd, 2011 08:46 am
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I thought it would be fun to see if there are any patterns in what people chose that they liked. So I made a list and here's what came of it...

VEELA: 7 Votes

Those that voted for Veela favored Draco in the creature role with Ginny as the one being bashed in Post War - Post Hogwarts setting.

Post War - Post Hogwarts won by 1 point with Hogwarts and Eighth year tied behind it.


There really wasn't anything definitive in the bashing for the werewolf, all six voters chose a different option. Hermione, Dumbledore, and Ginny showed up twice in the different options given.

There was a tie for who was prefered. Draco had two votes, Harry had two votes, and Both - Same Creature had two votes.

They did prefer Post War - Post Hogwarts with 8th year a point behind.

VAMPIRE: 3 Votes

Both - Same creature won out as did Ginny in the bashing and Post War - Post Hogwarts

ELF: 1 Vote

Obviously, this is just one person's opinion, but it's still interesting.

They preferred Harry as the creature, Ron as the bashed, and 8th year.


Most preferred Veela, Draco as the creature, Ginny being bashed, and a Post War - Post-Hogwarts Setting

There isn't enough data to call this a "Scientific" experiment, but it's still interesting. I'd actually like to see it on a wider scale.

The poll has been closed, thank you to the 17 participants, but you're still welcome to comment with your opinions if you wish to.
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I'm making this a happy post. HAPPY, DAMN IT![Poll #1712523]
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Would be a rant?

Only if it's an angry ramble.

Raaawwwrrrr. :D

I really don't have anything that I feel is of dire importance to talk about, but it's been awhile since I've done a real post, so I thought that I was due for one.

Nevermind, I just had a "meeting."
The Piss Fest That Warranted a Spiffy New Tag )

And I swear to Merlin, the first person that says, "At least you have a job," is going to be sectumsempra'd.

Color Meme

Mar. 1st, 2011 04:09 am
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 If anyone wants to play, leave me a comment and I'll choose a colour that reminds me of you, then you can list ten things you like in that colour or ten things that colour reminds you of. -Stolen from Tartlet.-  [ profile] treacle_tartlet  gave me yellow. 

If there is one color I don't like, it's actually yellow, so this one is a tricksy one. But I'm sure I can do it!


Picture Spaaaam )

This took a lot of thought, and while it as some generic choices, I think some of them also say a bit about me. :) It was fun, Thanks for making me rethink yellow, Tartlet. <3

And this is why today is awesome. :)
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 Anyone wanna do some one-on-one Word Wars with me? I'm open until 12 Midnight, Est.
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Dear Snugglemint,

I really admire the way that you procrastinate at your place of work. Your dedication to fandom is inspiring, what with your powers to ignore the call of real life duties to immerse in the deliciousness of a fanfic.

It's smart thinking the way you delete your history every day after work and keep your cool when someone walks behind your desk because you know any sudden movements will only look guilty.

However, the way your lips twist in that goofy way and sometimes break into a full powered grin is a dead give away. No one enjoys work that much. No one. Also, randomly laughing for no reason, also a no-no. Please learn to control your facial expressions and if you can't, might I suggest botox?

The Snugglemint Who Still Wants A Job
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 When I got home, I decided to take a nap. 

This... ahem... nap... turned into a six hour long dream of me being part of this group that tries to change things for the better in non-violent ways. But, apparently, I'm just too damn Slytherin to change thing peaceably and I get a little forceful with something... or rather, someone when I'm trying to help the situation.

Well, I get in trouble for this and need a time out, or rehabilitation, or... to be shunned and never heard from again or something because I am then put underground as punishment. Think like an underground network but boiler room style. Almost everything in metalwork. 

So anyway, I'm chained, literally, to a post thing beside this girl and left there. There, my dream decides that this is likely a dead-end venue and changes it so that I can freely roam around. But I'm still trapped... underground... with other people that showed too much... "aggression."

Later, around 3 am, I tried to take another nap before work and it was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. Hard in the sense that it just wasn't happening. I laid here until about 4:30 or five before I finally fell asleep and during that time I found it.... not at all boring.

Anyway, the dream I had then was strange. Straaaange.

It started at this like... restaurant, but I was outside, sitting in a parking lot, and the parking lot was on a sloping, sloping down toward the restaurant. Well, the car kept fucking up and the parking wouldn't stick, so I was having mini panic attacks every time the car kept going.

Well, there was a car beside me that had this dude that kept flashing his card like he was going to give it to me, but never did.

And... then.... the world fell away.


The ground beneath me gave way. For whatever reason, there was this long string of assorted objects all strung together and I had to climb up this thing so that I wouldn't fall into oblivion.

I actually got an aerial view of this too. We zoom out the world is whole and round and then it's like it just disintegrates all around the edges and in some places further in til the Earth just looks like an ugly rip in space than a planet. And then.... it... squished itself... into... a cube. 

I. Don't. Know.

So once it's cube world, we zoom back in and it's like a whole new world where everything is done differently. They are stripping things down and I'm sure that if I make a wrong move they'll chain me up underground or put me on a train with an evil ghost, or maybe even take me to their zombie pit and toss me in. 


But then again, maybe they'll just boot me off the planet. Who knows.

Sooo anyway. Apparently someone died. I don't know who but once again I found myself in the role of "resister" and we're on this bus going across town to bury this body. I guess we have it with us because... how else would we bury it, but I never saw it. So in true dream fashion maybe it's magically done.

We're on this bus type thing and I'm sitting in the floor and laid out on the seat are these figurines of monuments that we plan to decorate the grave with in awesome resister fashion. And the girl with me is talking about how we had to pay "25 cupcakes to get this ride."

And then I woke up.

And I wonder who is going to eat those cupcakes, what's the shelf-life of them, and why so damn many? 

Clearly, cubeworld has a few bugs before it launches.

o.O So yeah. Those are my dreams.

I'm sure many of you don't care, but it's actually kind of fun for me.

Maybe I should make a filter. 
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So. For the last three nights in a row I've had what someone might call nightmares.

Dreams which entail supernatural things with malicious intent of killing and/or eating my face.

For some reason, I would not call these nightmares because I did not wake up with a feeling of fear, but rather an intense feeling of "Wtf was that about" and more recently "still on with this?"

So the first night is vague and I can't remember much of it, I just remember that it was like these... half-zombie things. They weren't all zombie'd out, but they were like a variation of them.

The second night I was on a train. I don't know why, but I was. And there was this malicious wraith/ghost type thing that was killing everyone and by the end of it, I think I was the only one left alive. So I'm trying to get away from this thing and finally I just jump off. And then I'm at this fair type thing that's apparently in San Francisco (but looks nothing like it) and wondering how the hell I'm going to find enough change to make a call.

Apparently, jumping off the haunted train was all it took to get away from the... well... haunted train. Too bad no one else thought of that before they were kill-ified.

And last night, last night was full zombie mode. HI-HO FLESH EATER! BUFFEEEETTTT!!!!

So. I can't really figure out the premise of it last night, but pretty much my dream was leading up to this epic zombie take-over and right in the middle said, "This is taking too effin' long" and suddenly BAM, I'm right in the thick of things. And despite the fact that I have the distinct feeling that I'm making the same mistake someone else did. I go into this elevator (and how it got there I've no clue as I was no where near a large enough building but rather out in the country somewhere before) and I try to like... jimmy rig this high tech ceiling that will get me inside some badass ductwork.

I woke up before I could learn that zombie can climb and thus had my face eaten.

Yay for three hour naps.

o.O Hopefully tonight I'll break my streak because while I don't find them "scary," they are a touch ridiculous. If I'm going to dream of crazy things, like train bound ghosts with an appetite for revenge, then I'd rather it be crazy like "Omg look at that giant cone of mint chocolate ice cream.... let's swim in it" crazy.
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Okay, so some of you might know that Hex Files was having some trouble financially and that the lovely Leo decided to open up a comm to raise money for them. 

Well, part of this was opening up an auction which you can get to by clicking the banner above.

There are five auctions going on right now for fic, one of them is mine. (There are also other auctions for crafts and art going on. :D!)

I don't expect to get any more bids, but you guys should definitely go and bid on some of the other authors. <3 I know that they'll turn out AMAZING fics for you guys.

(Note: Here's why I don't think I'll get anymore bids, I have one bid now and it is AMAZING, I can't tell you the amount of flailing I did when I saw this. Someone bid TWENTY DOLLARS on a fic from me. Homuhgawd. The squealing was borderline epic and has thoroughly blown my mind. I just can't even you guys. <3 Massive love to my bidder. Also, I think it's safe to say that this is why today is awesome. :D)
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So, if you haven't seen this already then you should be well and truly shamed! I jest, but seriously, this thing is kind of epic. And by kind of I mean seriously. 

It's been up for several hours now, but still has garnered over a THOUSAND comments. Yes, A THOUSAND!

Now tell me the HD fandom isn't mighty. Tell me it isn't great. Tell me it's a losing battle and that it'll never happen.

Clearly there are several of use that think it will and we'll take you on any time, any place.  The weapon of choice is Rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock. And I have to warn you, we're DAMN good. 

There are several people that have deemed me worthy of some love and let me just tell you, I about squealed myself from all the comments I've received.

To those of you faceless lovelies that have shown me some love, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I can't begin to express just how EXCITED I was. 

(Also, it's my mission to start a new trend. Squealing yourself is the new thing. I almost squealed myself. Don't make me squeal myself. Are you squealing yourself? And my favorite; I squealed my pants.)

Oh, by the way... THIS is why today is so FREAKIN' awesome.


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